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Who we are

The idea for Kizzy’s Place began after four animal advocates, who had been involved in cat rescue for a while, were inspired to combine efforts.  Each wanted to help a cat named Kizzy, who was on the urgent list at a local shelter, but each realized that they could not help Kizzy alone.  Kizzy needed immediate transportation from the shelter, funds for a vet visit, and an experienced foster home in which he could recuperate from URI, a tall order.  So after talking about it communally, the advocates each handled a piece of the operation, resulting in a successful rescue effort!  The new friends noted that rescue groups sometimes need a little extra help, like a foster, transporter, or private donor, to assist them in doing their noble work.  Also, they recognized that individual animal rescuers sometimes need the wider reach of an organized rescue group to help get their adoptable animals noticed by potential adopters.  This is what Kizzy’s Place provides, a network of friends to mutually assist each other!  We currently have a network of several foster homes that care for Kizzy's Place adoptables as well as a couple other group's cats.